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ARTivistic Performance Salons at Warehouse 9 in Copenhagen

October 24, 25 & 31 & November 1 at 20h00 at Warehouse 9

Looking for the ultimate happiness? Are you obsessed by physical and mental rushes?
Do you always eat the whole bag of chips, all M & M’s and the extra hamburger from McD?
Are you glued in front of your monitors, is your Smartphone burning hot and are you constantly checking your Facebook?

Do not worry, you are not alone.

Come to BLISS POINT – ARTivistic Performance Salons and nurture Your personal bliss points with us !!

Body Art – live music and DJ – D.I.Y. bliss points – artivism – drinks – Brain & body storming – soul shop – collaboration – sans-wracking flavour bombs – interactive performance – BLISS

Each evening will be unique – and anything can happen!

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We are presenting LET’S GET PERSONAL at 19h00 the 11 & 12 of June in DanseHallerne, Copenhagen
– as a part of the program Det Frie Felts Festival at CPH STAGE 2014.

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GLITCH ON THE ROCKS – an incisive and hard hitting anniversary cocktail

February the 14 & 15 at 20h00 at Bora Bora in Aarhus, Denmark.

We are celebrating Kassandra Production’s 15th anniversary with a sharp cocktail of hard-hitting and hilarious scenes from the repertoire – served with new and surprising twists.

Glitch On The Rocks is a tribute to the moments where the film breaks, the facade cracks, where you stand with your pants down – and you are heading down a slippery slope!
With humour, madness and bizarre comments on current trends, it’s set for a rattling strong theatrical cocktail.

Glitch On The Rocks featuring insane backwards choreographies, undressed shopaholics, dancing men in heartbreaking high-heeled paso double, a male Scheherazade, top-notch performance consultants, weeping money investors, bazooka-excess men in women’s clothes, a tragicomic moustache orchestra … and much, much more!

With the legendary and groovy ‘moustache orchestra’ in the back, you are welcomed to a veritable firework of a display, with some of Denmark’s most distinguished performers.

Let go of the reins for a while! Welcome to the GLITCH!


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DISPLACEMENT to Baltic International Dance Festival in Riga

Kassandra Production is invited to Baltic International Dance Festival in Riga, Latvia.

We will present the performance DISPLACEMENT the 23 of April in Riga & the 24 of April in Liepaja.

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COVER UP, February 5 – 9, at CaféTeatret in Copenhagen

We present COVER UP, February 5 – 9, at CaféTeatret in Copenhagen.

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Kassandra Production is an artist driven platform for contemporary performing arts, in the intersection of dance, theatre, new media and performance art.

Kassandra Production was founded in 1998 by choreographer/director, actress and performance artist Annika B. Lewis, who is also the artistic leader.
Kassandra Production works local, national and international – and produces performances, installations, interventions, touring, collaborations, works with basic scenic research and development, training, mediation and gives training and workshops.

Kassandra Production’s work is characterised by a strong conceptual and visual outcome mixing the trivial with the philosophical.
The work is signified by skewed and humorous angles, often with multiple fictional layers and the use of multimedia expressions – in a boarder defying and complex scenic expression.
Untraditional and site specific spaces are explored and performances has been set up in private apartments, caravans, old factories, fairs, and the Internet – as well as in traditional theatre spaces.

Kassandra Production has toured, presented performances and worked with collaboration projects in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Latvia, Russia, Belgium and U.S.

Performances 1998 – 2012;
* Cover Up (2012) * Year accountances (2010) * Let’s Get Personal (2010) * Body Box #1 (2009) * Twist Cabaret (2009) * Extasy (2009) * Full Body Treatment (2008) * Life Hacking (2008) * XpositionREVERSE (2006) * Dancin’ Madly Backwards (2006) * Life Is Fabulous (2005) * Displacement (2005) * XpositionLAB (2004) * My Heart Is Yours (2004) * Aurora Borealis (2003) * Delusion (2003) * Limbo.03/Experiment of Choice (2003) * SymposiumX (2002) * Real Time Open Door (2000) * Real Time LAB (1999) * A Thorn In The Eye (1998) *


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Life Hacking is an expressionistic and bizarre dance performance – a paso doble commenting on the values of today’s society and on how modern man tries to organize his life.
Life Hacking
is a burning contemplation on mankind’s different survival strategies in our modern western world. An insisting performance with a boundary pushing dance expression, new composed electronic music, live video and recycled set-materials.

Idea, staging and choreography: Annika B. Lewis
Dancers/performers: Lisbeth Sonne Andersen and Annika B. Lewis
Music and video: Anders Krøyer and Jens Mønsted
Set design, video design and costume: Annika B. Lewis
Light design: Morten Ladefoged

*** “Even if she after two minutes, wet through and shaking by cold, tells us that now the money doesn’t last longer…we get value for the money.” – Aarhus Stiftstidende

”Two naked women is dancing over the stage in total high plateau shoes, only wearing design-shopping bags and a bright red hooked rug as genital hair in a triangle long up the stomach. Humour. That’s it!” – Arbejderen

”It’s wonderful, humoristic, provoking, where the body is both beautiful and ugly, and functions as a faceted expression in this boarder defying dance performance.” – Terpsichore

“Crazy undressed shopaholics… One of those pushing and striking expressions in Kassandra Production’s little-tiny but successful dance performance… We can hope that Kassandra Production next time have more money to a longer, experimenting and visual saturated dance performance with attitudes.” – Teater 1

Life Hacking opened in February 2008, at the international dance festival Connections at Archauz in Aarhus/Denmark.
2011: Atalante in Gothenburg and Dock 11 in Berlin
2010: Baggårdteatret i Svendborg.
2009: Dansescenen i København og Teatret Masken i Nykøbing Sj.
2008: The festival ZENE+ at Baltoppen.

Produced by Kassandra Production in collaboration with Connections festival.
Supported by Aarhus Municipality’s Kulturudviklingspulje and Dansepuljen v/ Danseværket.
The tour March 2011 is supported by the Danish Arts Council’s Committee for Performing Arts and Aarhus Municipality.

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An absurd and humoristic ”deca-dance”

Displacement is a decadent choreographic duet about identity, gender and slacker mentality – inspired by the old Nordic wrestling technique Glima, 80’s kitsch and clubbing.
About realising that you are in the wrong place at the wrong time and wanting to be another person in another place.
About different strategies for surviving, in a reality full of conflicts where escapism is maybe the only possibility?

Idea, staging and choreographer: Annika B. Lewis
Dancers: Brian Degn & Kasper Daugaard Poulsen
Choreographic material: Annika B. Lewis, Brian Degn & Kasper Daugaard Poulsen
Set design and costume: Annika B. Lewis
Light design: Morten Ladefoged

***** “…superb sofa amusement. ’Displacement’ can, dare and is a splendid composed and wildly entertaining performance.” – Aarhus Stiftstidende

**** ”Like Tears From a Star… It’s howling funny and you have surrender long ago to the to dancers… This is one of those novels you hope to find in a collection, so it’s possible to get more of this kind from the same hand.” –

Displacement had its premiere in June 2005 in connection to the “Choreographic Platform” at EntréScenen in Aarhus/Denmark and has thereafter been presented at:
2011: – Atalante in Gothenburg and Dock 11 in Berlin
2010:- Baggaardteatret, Svendborg
- Brigittines International Festival, Bruxelles/Belgien
– Open Look International Dance Festival, Sct. Petersborg/Rusland
Odinteatret, Holstebro
- Dansescenen, København, på K2, København
– Centrifug på Dansstationen, Malmö, Sverige
2005: – Kulturama, Ridehuset, Aarhus
Skagerrak Teaterfestival i Arendal, Norge
– Muzikhuset, Bornholm

Produced by Kassandra Production in collaboration with Værkstedsscenen, Danseværket and EntréScenen.
Supported by Værkstedsscenen, Aarhus Municipality’s Dansepulje v/ Danseværket and Augustinus fonden.
The tour March 2011 was supported by the Danish Arts Council’s Committee for Performing Arts and Aarhus Municipality.

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LET’S GET PERSONAL is a humorous performance lecture about personal optimizing, radical positioning and collective bedazzlement.
The performance comments the mediated ’performance’ society of today, the politicians’ use of newspeak and the art’s role in the wake of the experience economy.
is an absurd report from the happiest country in the world, with a personal commentary ranging somewhere between blind angles and clear views – in a fusion of physical gospel and oral pas de deux.

In LET’S GET PERSONAL, Annika B. Lewis continues her long-term project of breaking the boundaries of what dance and theatre can be, at the same time examining modern man in a challenging and entertaining way.

Idea, staging & performance: Annika B. Lewis
Devised material & text: Annika B. Lewis
Music: Anders Krøyer & Jens Mønsted
Light design: Morten Ladefoged
Set design, video design & costume: Annika B. Lewis
Dramaturgical consultants: Steinunn Knútsdóttir & Thomas Heilesen
Photo: Ole Japp / TheArtCom

“Let’s Get Personal is a darkly funny riff on George Orwell’s 1984” – Washington Times
“Beyond that the audience were involved in the act, Annika B. Lewis managed to catch the audience’ attention with a vivid personality topped with a stain of humour. The whole hall were filled with laughter and a dazzling excitement for, what her next move could be.” – Terpsichore

“She continues biting us in the hamstrings!” – Jesper deNeergaard, EntréScenen

LET’S GET PERSONAL opened in June 2010, at the international performance festival DNA at EntréScenen in Aarhus/Denmark, and toured to Nights of Enlightenments at Copenhagen Museum/Denmark.
In 2011 toured to DCAC in Washington DC/USA and Hamner Theatre in Nelson County/USA.

Produced by Kassandra Production in collaboration with EntréScenen.
Supported by Danish Arts Council Committee for the Performing Arts and The Municipality of Aarhus’ Culture development fond and Tuborgfondet. Co-produced by Kulturhus Aarhus

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TWIST kabaret

TWIST kabaret is a burlesque and humorous performance tapas

A cabaret performance in the intersection of dance, performance, theatre and concert – that with a humorous and poetic twist, turns the audience through the topics body, identity and gender.
Together with a groovy and swinging orchestra, we invite the audience to a true scenic firework, by some of the most striking stage-artists of Denmark.

Idea, choreography and staging: Annika B. Lewis
Performers: Bo Madvig, Annika B. Lewis, Ditte leFevre, Lisbeth Sonne Andersen and selected guests
Set design and costume: Annika B. Lewis
Orchestra: Anders Krøyer, Jens Mønsted and Claus Raahauge, w.o.

Produced by Kassandra Production
Commissioned by World Outgames Copenhagen 2009 and Culturalhouse Aarhus

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Welcome to the engine room of delusions, theatre and other deceptions!
Cover up is a cunning and witty theatre performance about smokescreens, cover stories, diversion tactics and theatrical productions.

Idea and direction:
Annika B. Lewis
Gritt Uldall-Jessen
Set designer and costume:
Filippa Berglund
Jacob Melchior, Steffen Nielsen and Annika B. Lewis
Sound and Video:
Anders Krøyer and Jens Mønsted
Light design:
Morten Ladefoged
Anne Hübertz Brekne
Ditte Bille Winther
Conceptual consultant:
Thomas Hejlesen
Strategic communication: Jacob D.A. Nicolaisen
Anne Hübertz Brekne

Produced by: Kassandra Production, in co-production with Bora Bora.

Supported by: The Danish Arts Council, the Municipality of Aarhus, the Danish Arts Agency, Bikubenfonden, Tuborgfondet, Danish Playwriters, Den Ingwersenske Fond, Oda og Hans Svenningsens Fond, Københavns Scenekunstudvalg.

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A poetic montage in the intersection of dance, theatre and performance art
– about vanity, ambition and impermanence

Delusion is a humorous and absurd paso doble about selling ones soul. How far are we willing to go for our ambition?
A staged poetry about the modern man’s tragicomic ambition for eternal youth, external beauty – the terror of the decay of the body and the perishability of life.
About sacrifice ones innocence for reaching another place. But is it the right trace? How far are we prepared to go for our “sake”?
Delusion takes the audience on a tour de force through the dark corners and light moments of humanity.
In a montage of new, classic and modern texts from The Portray of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, Macbeth and Tempest by Shakespeare, Annika B. Lewis and improvisations – spiced with popular songs, video sequences and awkward dance.
With inspiration from Plato, the Faustus story, Dracula, ladies magazines and reality TV.

Idea, director/choreographer and performer:
Annika B. Lewis (SE/DK)
VJ and musician: Jens Mønsted (DK)
Music and composition: Anders Krøyer (DK) and Jens Mønsted
Set-design and costume: Annika B. Lewis
Video: Eyefix, Filmvaerkstedet and Annika B. Lewis
Light design: Bjarke B.P. Sørensen/Lumen

The press wrote after the opening in Kanonhallen in Copenhagen in April 2003:
“…it’s funny, as this hard-working woman stands there and sings the price of beauty.” – Politiken

Produced by Kassandra Production
in collaboration with Junge Hunde, Kulturhus Aarhus and The Cartel.
Supported by The Municipality of Aarhus, Dansevaerket, Kulturhus Aarhus, Tuborgfondet, NordScen and Dansk-Islandsk samarbejdsfond.

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WORLD PREMIERE 27th of May 2015


Bora Bora: 27th-28th & 1st-4th of June 
ARTivistisk Performance Salon: 30th of june at 3 p.m. 
Det Frie Felts Festival: 10th – 11th of june 

BLISS POINT is a border defying and provocative performance about the momentary gratification, dependency and manipulations.
BLISS POINT is a theatrical dopamine kick commenting today’s consumer societies – in the tension between ecstatic happiness and physical hell.
With the body as a battlefield, we invite you to a tragicomic and absurd universe that poses the question: how far are we prepared to go in the name of the growth economy?

With BLISS POINT, Annika B. Lewis continues her long-standing project of breaking the boundaries of what dance and theatre can be, and in the same time putting modern man under the microscope, in a challenging and entertaining way.

MIS-AN-SCENE & IDEA: Annika B. Lewis
PERFORMANCE: Andreas Constantinou, Lisbeth Sonne Andersen & Annika B. Lewis
MUSIC & VIDEO: Jens Mønsted
LIGHT DESIGN: Morten Ladefoged
SET DESIGN: Signe Krogh
COSTUME: Jeppe Worning & Annika B. Lewis
STRATEGIC MARKETING: Jakob D. A. Nicolaisen.
LAYOUT: Helge Durrfeld/the Art Com
PHOTOS: Jens Peter Engedal, Louise Kirkegaard, Mukul Ranjan.
VIDEO TRAILER: Jens Mønsted, Christoffer Brekne
Produced by Kassandra Production in co-production with Bora Bora.
Supported by Statens Kunstråds Scenekunstudvalg, Aarhus Kommunes Kulturudviklingspulje and Bikubenfonden

BLISS POINT opens in May 2015, at Bora Bora in Aarhus, followed by international tour.

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TWIST kabaret


Kassandra Production offers training and workshops in dance, theatre and performance
– organized after individual needs.
We offer short or long term teaching in:

* stage movement and physical training
* ensemble training
* personal expression and performance
* personal expression in physical expession, dance and composition
* devising methods
* Vertical of the role
* works with composition, choreography and personal material
* real time composition and improvisation
* yoga
* release based dance and movement techniques in combination with elements from martial art, yoga, contact improvisation, body mind centering


Kassandra Production is continously doing artistic basic reseach and laboratory works.

Kassandra Production is currently working with several new development and laboratory projects.

Valdemarsgade 1
DK-8000 Aarhus C
Ph: (+45) 21634659

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